Da Shanty Yellmen - Silver Darlings

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(June 2013) 18 tracks: Blow The Man Down * A' Rovin * The Diamond * Venezuela * Pump Shanty * Mingulay Boat Song * Leave Her, Johnny * Bell-Bottomed Trousers * Drunken Sailor * Spanish Ladies * Dutch Medley * Farewell Ta Yell * Da Sang O Da Papa Men * Gyaain Ta Da Far Haaf * Shoals of Herring * Whisky Johnny * Ogilvie's Boat * Silver Darlings.

Old and new songs fresh from the sea, sung by the most Northerly shanty group in the United Kingdom.

The Shanty Yellmen are a group of men residing on the Islands of Yell and Unst in Shetland.They are the only male group singing shanties and sea songs in Shetland. They formed to support the Sail Yell Celebrations in 2011, when the Tall Ship Races visited the islands.

They sing for pleasure and perform throughout Shetland. They have also performed at the International Shanty Festival in Rotterdam, the home town of Peter Blanker, the group's founder.

This album has a great variety of songs of the sea, well-known work songs and songs in the Shetland dialect.

The Shanty Yellmen are: Arthur Albutt, Peter Blanker, Johnny Clark, Andy Gear, Mike Mcdonnell, Jim Namgle, Eddie Pugh, Donald Ritch, Roger Randie, Andy Ross, Peter Van Mill and Derek Walsh.

Guest appearance from Izak Boom (accordion).

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