The Cullivoe Fiddlers

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(February 2006) 17 tracks: Da Ferry Reel * Oliver Jack * Millie Gudger * Ahint Da Daeks O Voe * Da Headlands * Sleep Soond Ida Mornin * Taste Da Green * Blackthorn Stick * Da Win At Shaks Da Barley * Da Heids O Vigon * Faroe Polka * Captain Jim Cottier * Da Crab An Da Capstain * Kenmuirs Up An Awa * Da Scallowa Lasses * So Early In Da Mornin * Noostigirt.

Fairies, trows and pretty girls have inspired the Cullivoe Fiddlers in their style for well over 100 years, and all are still going strong.

Traditional Shetland fiddling from the six group members showcases their native styling, with tunes from around the islands, and local versions of Scottish sets too.

The Cullivoe style of fiddle playing can be directly traced back well over 100 years. However it undoubtedly takes its roots from much further back still. The distinctive sound of the local tunes, mostly reels, derives from the unusual tuning of the fiddle (ADAE instead of the conventional GDAE), and the lively bowing.

"This is music fit to be played in a Tenement room, in a great hall, and in the lee of a Shetland peat stack where the Aurora remembers its other name, The Merry Dancers." (Aly Bain)

"Every community has its own culture, heritage and past, none more so than ourselves here in Shetland. One of the biggest features of our past, which is still present and gathering strength is our music, particularly the music of the fiddle. During the last thirty years fiddle music has had the advantage of being taught in our schools to generations of young people. This is all due to the efforts of the late Dr Tom Anderson who felt he was witnessing the decline of our indigenous instrument. Tom’s teaching took him to the Island of Yell where he discovered a hidden treasure - The Cullivoe Fiddlers. At that time they were under the leadership of the late Bobby Jamieson and the late Willie Barclay Henderson. In their twilight years, Tom took these men with their band to festivals and concerts in the Scottish Mainland. That is now part of their history."

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