Craobh Rua - If Ida Been Here, Ida Been There

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(May 2000) 9 tracks: The Skip Jig Set: Cofey's/Skip the Umbrella in the Rain/The Last Man/Anderson's, A Man's a Man, The Junction Set: Maguire's/ Norwood Junction/The Silver Spear, O'Connor's Favourite/The Lass, The Belfast Mountains, Turlough og McDonough, The Antrim Narrow Gauge Jigs: Chapel Bridge/The Inver Bank/Headwood Crossing/Capecastle Tunnel/Greenaghan Viaduct, The Loch Tay Boat Song, Molly McCarthy/The Road to Ballymac/The Linen Cap, Come Upstairs With Me/The Irish Girl/The Humours of Ballymanus, Cul Tiubh Na bPearlai, The Motorbike Set: O'Leary's Motorbike/Elizabeth Kelly's Delight/The Humours of Ballingarry, The Maid of the House/The Flax in Bloom/The Monasteraden Fancy/The Callan Lasses/The Mountain Top.

Underlining their reputation as one of the premier Celtic bands around, Craobh Rua continue to expand their repertoire with the inclusion of two traditional Scottish songs A Man’s a Man, written by Robert Burns, and the beautiful Loch Tay Boat Song, as well as the band’s delicate working of the legendary Turlough O’Carolan’s Turlough óg McDonough.

A fresh and different feel here from previous releases by the band. Recorded in Colum Sands' studio in Rostrevor, County Down, If Ida Been Here, Ida Been There will appeal to all lovers of Celtic music.

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