Craig Armstrong And Calum Martin - The Edge Of The Sea

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(November 2020)

19 Tracks: Ballantyne: Movement 1 Stone * Movement 2 The Edge Of The Sea * Movement 3 Ballantyne 1 * Movement 4 Ballantyne 2 * Movement 5 Your Shadow * Movement 6 Ballantyne 3 * Movement 7 Grace Notes * Movement 8 Ballantyne 4 * Movement 9 Before Last * Movement 10 Nightfall * Movement 11 Tidal.

Martyrdom: Movement 12 * Movement 13 * Movement 14 * Movement 15 * Movement 16 * Movement 17 * Movement 18 * Movement 19.

The Edge of the Sea is a collaboration by Composers Craig Armstrong and Calum Martin.

The album explores the unique spiritual tradition of Scottish Gaelic psalm singing and consists of two new works: 'Martyrdom', and 'Ballantyne'; with the concept being realised by bringing together a curated congregation by Calum's from the Isles of Lewis and Harris in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland, along with the outstanding talent and enthusiasm of the Scottish Ensemble.

Featuring The Scottish Ensemble Conducted by Cecilia Weston and Gaelic Psalm singers from Lewis and Harris.

The CD comes in a gatefold sleeve with a 16 glossy pages booklet.

Solo Vocals Isobel Ann Martin (tracks 3,6,11,13), Solo Vocals Calum Iain MacLeod (tracks3,11), Solo Violin Daniel Pioro (tracks 5,12,14,19), Guest Violin Duncan Chisholm ( track 4), Solo Cello Alison Lawrance Track 10, Solo Cello Neil Johnstone (tracks 4,16).

"Gaelic Psalm singing has been part of my life for as long as I can remember, and I was always hoping to meet a composer who I could collaborate with to bring the musical ideas I had fermenting in my brain to fruition in one form or another, but not as part of some "add-on" gimmick to a modern music style but as a legitimate and unique art form which retains its authenticity and at the same time explores its amazing "Sean Nòs" vocal style possibilities in an orchestral setting." Calum Martin.

"When I left the Royal Academy of Music in 1981 I became aware of the tradition of Gaelic Psalm Singing and was very interested in exploring and finding out more about this beautiful music. In a way this project has taken many years to come to fruition. When I was introduced to Calum initially by Donald Shaw, (Celtic Connections director), I expressed to Calum my interest. I'm happy to say that throughout the following years Calum has taught me a great deal about this unique tradition in detail and has also become a very valued friend... I knew when working with Calum and the congregation it would be no simple task to fuse the classical and folk traditions with the Gaelic Psalm Singing. However it has been a very rewarding experience to compose these two pieces with Calum and work closely with the congregation, Scottish Ensemble, Isobel Ann Martin, Calum Iain Macleod, Neil Johnston and Duncan Chisholm. I hope this music will help in the continuation of this special musical tradition in Scotland and beyond." Craig Armstrong.

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