Concerto Caledonia - Robert Mackintosh Airs, Minuets, Gavotts and Reels

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(May 2013) 25 tracks: Captain Macduff's Delight / Miss Katty Troter's Reel * Minuetto * Miss Grant of Grant's Reel * Miss Grace Stewart's Minuet * Gavotta * Air * Lady Helenora Home's Reel / Miss Jessy Dalrymple's Reel / Miss Stewart's Reel / Miss Carre's Reel * The Duchess Of Gordon's Delight * Miss Campbell's Reel * The Diamond Reel / Miss Burnet Of Monboddo's Reel * Minuet / Quick Step * Lady Betty Boyle's Reel / Miss Scott's Reel * Miss Bewment's Minuet / Air * Lady Betty Cochran's Reel * Minuetto * Lady Emelia Ker's Minuet * Gavotta * Miss Henderson's Minuet / Lady Wallace's Reel * Miss Pringle's Reel / Miss Baird's Minuet / Gavotta * Allegro * Largo * Jigg * March.

A quartet from Concerto Caledonia, one of Scotland's premiere earlymusic ensembles explores the music of Robert Mackintosh from 1780's.

Their reputation for reviving little known but important music continues with their third CD with the unrestrained variety of Robert 'Red Rob' Mackintosh's music from 1780s Edinburgh.

The group bring a vital part of Scotland's heritage to a wider audience with the music of 'Red Rob'.

'Red Rob' Mackintosh, named in the customary Gaelic fashion after the colour of his hair, found himself a place in the orchestra of the Edinburgh Musical Society and set up business as a teacher. His first collection was published in 1783 and it represents his desire to understand the musical world around him and to forge a career for himself within it.

Gutsy reels, polite minuets, a virtuosic violin sonata, piano variations (played on an 1815 Edinburgh piano) and the sense of a life lived on the edge.

David Greenberg, Greg Lawson, Alison McGillivray and David McGuinness (harpsichord)

"This is life-enhancing stuff – a disc guaranteed to put a spring into the heaviest, most jaded of steps." (The Arts

"wicked and witty, humorous and heartbreaking, exhilerating and energetic." (The Herald).

"playing of the highest order." (Early Music Review)

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