Concerto Caledonia - Revenge Of The Folksingers

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(August 2011) 17 tracks: The Foggy Dew * The Salley Gardens * Bonnie Susie Cleland * My Lord of Marche Paven / Galliard: Or Voy-Je Bien / The Trees They Do Grow High * Swimming in the Longest River * Up in the Morning Early * The Sacred Nine and the Primal Horde * Mack Beth / Sheugare Candie * Psalm 124 / The Freedom Come-All-Ye / The Red-Haired Boy * Daddy Oh, I'm Hoovering * Delighted / The Lincolnshire Poacher * False Lover John * Ok, I'll Count to 8 * Laddie Lie Near Me * Losing What You Find * A Scots Tune / O Can Ye Sew Cushions * The King's Horses.

Nu-folk in early music clothing. Traditional and original songs and tunes from Scotland, recorded in the Suffolk countryside at Aldeburgh.

Concerto Caledonia is Scotland's leading baroque ensemble, specialising in the music of 18th century Scotland, played on period instruments and directed by David McGuinness.

The current project and this recording, bringing together traditional and early music, was developed at an Aldeburgh Residency.

Alasdair Roberts (voice, guitar), Olivia Chaney (voice, harmonium, piano, dulcitone, guitar), Jim Moray (voice, guitar), Mairi Campbell (voice, viola, violin), Pamela Thorby (recorders, glockenspiel), Clare Salaman (hurdy gurdy, nyckelharpa), Alison McGillivray (bass viol, cello, violone), Bill Taylor (bray harp, clarsach), Nick Halley (percussion, dulcitone) and David McGuinness (dulcitone, harpsichord, reed organ, melodica, bass guitar, piano).

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