Concerto Caledonia - Late Night Sessions (Live At The Edinburgh Festival)

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(July 2010) 13 tracks (1h 2 mins): Book Of Doves (with Alasdair Roberts) * Marshall-Burns (with Michael Marra) * Sir Patrick Spens (with Martin Carthy) * Duke Of Athol's March * Jamaican Tunes * Paven * Chiling O Guiry * Alloway House * The Secret Kiss (with Katharine Fuge) * The Scots Chaconne * Reading Ends In Melancholy (with Katharine Fuge) * Allegro From Quartetto Op 6 No 1 * Black Jock (with Katharine Fuge).

Scotland's early music group, bringing to life the classical and traditional music of the nation's history.

Recorded live at the Edinburgh Festival in 2009, the best of recordings from four concerts - an eclectic selection of songs and tunes.

Concerto Caledonia are David McGuinness (harpsichord, fortepiano, reed organ, melodica), David Greenberg (violin, octave violin), Chris Norman (flute, whistle) and Alison MacGillivray (cello, viol).

With Bill Taylor (wire-strung clarsach, bray harp), Elizabeth Kenny (theorbo, lute), Steve Player (guitar), Patsy Seddon (clarsach), Sarah Bevan-Baker (violin) and Nicolette Moonen (viola), and guests Alasdair Roberts (vocals, guitar), Michael Marra (vocals), Martin Carthy (vocals, guitar) and Katharine Fuge (soprano).

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