Concerto Caledonia - Captain Tobias Hume: A Scottish Soldier

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(March 2016)

22 Tracks: A Mery Conceit: The Queens Delight * What Greater Griefe * A Spanish Humor: The Lord Hayes Favoret * Fain Would I Change That Note * The Virgins Muse: The Lady Arbellaes Favoret * Be Merry A Day Will Come / A Toy / Ha Couragie * A Toy / A Merry Meeting * A Galliard 3 * Start: The Lady Of Sussex Delight * A Pollish Vilanell * Tobacco * Maister Crasse His Almayne / A Galliard 5 * The Earle Of Pembrookes Galiard * The Souldiers Song * A Souldiers Galiard * Tickell, Tickell / I Am Falling / Tickle Me Quickly * Captaine Humes Galliard * My Hope Is Revived: The Lady Of Suffolkes Delight * Cease Leaden Slumber: The Queenes New-yeeres Gift * An Almayne / The Spirit Of The Almayne * The Dukes Almaine: The Duke Of Holstones Delight * Give You Good Morrowe Madam.

David McGuinness and his virtuoso band of early musickers explore the life and works of Tobias Hume.

This recording draws on the two books of music Hume published in his lifetime, and ranges from capricious fragments of tunes that celebrate the simple joy of playing the viol, to potent moments of substantial emotional depth.

Concerto Caledonia is Scotland's foremost early music group, bringing to life the classical and traditional music of the nation s history.

This is their fifth recording on Delphian label. They appear regularly on BBC Radio 3, the group has also been broadcast on Radios 1, 2, and 4 including live collaborations at the Edinburgh International Festival.

The booklet includes informative programme notes, and a list of the selected pieces with their numbers in the two books of 1605 and 1607.

Concerto Caledonia: (Thomas Walker (tenor), Chris Norman (renaissance flutes), Clare Salaman (nyckelharpa), Elizabeth Kenny (orpharion, theorbo), Tommy Johannson (orpharion, cittern), Alison McGillivray (lyra d'amore, bass viol), Liam Byrne (tenor viol, bass viol), David McGuinness (virginals),

Directed by David McGuinness .

"This is a most delightful disc which will give any listener about an hour of first-class musical entertainment." Johan van Veen,

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