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(January 2006) 13 tracks: ’S i nighean mo ghaoil, an nighean donn òg * Gaol nam fear dubh * Ho ro mo chuachag * 9/8 tunes * Ho mo nighean donn bhòidheach * Mo rùn air na maraichean * Strathspeys and Reels * Iain Ghlinn Cuaich * Mhic Iain ’ic Sheumais * A nìghneag a ghràidh * Puirt a Beul * An gille mear / The King of Laois * Tune set featuring Altan.

Featuring some of Gaeldom's very finest singers and instrumentalists, Cliar (pronounced 'Clear') are a six-piece band who have developed a unique close harmony vocal sound backed up by an instrumental powerhouse.

Arthur Cormack, Hector Henderson, Ingrid Henderson, Mary Ann Kennedy, Maggie MacDonald and Ross Martin.

Guitarist Ross Martin is now a firmly established member of the line up and newest recruit Hector Henderson brings a fresh new sound with pipes and whistle.

"Bringing you heaven without the inconvenience, as it were, of going to the other side." (The Herald)

"One of the most beautiful sounds in 21st century Scotland." (The List)

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