P/M Donald MacLeod MBE - Classic Collection of Piobaireachd Tutorials vol 6

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(September 2002) 12 tracks (150 mins): Salute to MacDonald of Staffa * The Macintyres’ Salute * Lady Anapool’s Lament * My dearest on earth give me your kiss * A S MacNeill of Oransay’s Salute * Lady Doyle’s Salute * Lament for Mary MacLeod * The Battle of the Pass of Crieff * Peter James MacInnes’s Lullaby * Catherine’s Lament * The MacKays’ Banner * The Hen’s March o’er the Midden.

Double CD - parts 11 and 12 of the series of 40. Pipe Major Donald MacLeod MBE demonstrates piobaireachd (pibroch) with the practise chanter, sung canntaireachd and spoken word.

A 40 part, 20 volume series that will be released over five years to create an important document of piping. The life's work of Donald MacLeod, comprising 240 piobaireachds.

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