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(June 2009) 20 tracks: That Da Da Strain * Blues my Naughtie Sweetie Gave to Me * Lord, Lord, Lord * Odd Sox Blues * Struttin' With Some Barbecue * Haggis & Ham * Valley of The Shadow * Jimbo's Blues * Clyde Cakewalk * San Francisco Bay * Ory's Creole Trombone * Ballin' the Jack * Big Butter & Egg Man * Gloryland * Dippermouth Blues * Old Time Religion * Higher Ground * Will The Circle Be Unbroken * Sweet Georgia Brown * Buffalo Bill.

A high level gathering of Scottish stompers playing a generous helping of Dixieland favourites.

Clan MacJazz are Len Herd (trumpet), Jim Petrie (cornet), Ivan Henderson (clarinet), Tom Taylor (clarinet), George Kidd (trombone), Alastair McDonald (banjo, vocals), Eoin Millar (double bass), Clark Sorley (bass guitar), Murray Smith (drums), Alan Dale (drums), Jim Milroy (drums) and Forrie Cairns (clarinet) of the Clyde Valley Stompers.

A generous collection from some of the most esteemed Scottish players of Dixieland jazz.

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