Claire White With Robbie Leask - Lasses Trust In Providence

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(December 2018)

13 Tracks: Da Fateful Tale O Marion Pardone * Da Norrowa Wheel * Da Hennie * Hands Across The Hills * Minnie O Shirva's * Peanuts' Shed * Song Of Aud The Deep-Minded * Da Delting Spinning Sang * Kirstie Caddel's Prayer * Betty Mouat's Sang * Sang For Jean Pole * Thanks Mam * Baloo Balilli.

Latest release from award-winning Shetland singer-songwriter and fiddler Claire White.

'Lasses Trust in Providence' is the name of a traditional Shetland fiddle tune but it also neatly describes the content of this album. Here are ninth to twenty-first century women's tales which illuminate the 'She' in Shetland.

Includes an accompanying 20-page booklet with stunning Shetland landscape photography which forms the backdrop to written stories behind all thirteen tracks, and a glossary of over 300 Shetland words helps with lyric translation.

Claire learned music from Dr Tom Anderson and has been performing and teaching internationally for twenty-five years. She has previously played in Australia, New Zealand, the United Arab Emirates, the USA, Canada, Iceland, Norway, Sardinia, Turkey, Italy, Germany, Slovenia, Estonia, Poland, Ireland and the UK.

Claire White (vocals, fiddle), Robbie Leask (guitar).

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