Christine Primrose - 'S Tu Nam Chuimhne (And You On My Mind)

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Gaelic Singer Of The Year - MG ALBA Scots Trad Music Awards 2009

12 tracks: Th M'Eudail Is M'Aighear 'S Mo Ghradh (My treasure, my delight, my love) * Coinnichidh Mi An Gleann An Fhraoich (When the evening mist comes swirling near) * Togail Curs Air Leodhas (Setting a course for Lewis) * La Dhomh 'S Mi'M Beinn A'Cheathaich (One day on the Misty Mountain) * Fadachd An T-Seoladair (The sailor's longing) * Cumha Ruairidh Mhoir (Ruairidh Mor's Lament) * Taladh (The Clan MacCulloch) * 'S Daor A Cheannaich Mi'N T-Iasgach (Dearly have I paid for fishing) * O'n Dh'fhag Thu Mi 'S Mulad Orm (Since you've left me, I'm sad) * Gad 'Ionndrainn (Missing You) * Tom An T-Searraich (The foal's hillock) * 'N Ath Bhanais Bhios Agam (the next wedding I go to).

Exquisite singer from Lewis. This is Christine Primrose's second album and was welcomed by her many admirers and, equally importantly, it introduced many more to the living tradition of the Scottish Gael. She endows these magic songs with a strength and magnificence.

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