Christine Primrose - Gun Sireadh, Gun Iarraidh (Without Seeking, Without Asking)

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Gaelic Singer Of The Year - MG ALBA Scots Trad Music Awards 2009

(July 2001) 12 tracks: Ceann Traigh Ghruinneart/Fraoch A Ronaigh (The Head of Gruinart Sands/Heather from Rona) * An Gille Dubh Ciar-Dhubh (The Dark Swarthy Lady) * A Mhairead Og (Young Mairead) * Bean A' Chotain Ruaidh (The Lady of the Russet Brown Coat) * An Till Mise Chaoidh (Shall I Ever Return) * Oganaich An Or-Fhuilt Bhuidhe (The Young Man With The Golden Yellow Hair) * Oran Mu'n Ghruagaich (A Song About The Gruagach) * Dheanainn Sugradh Ris An Nigh'n Dubh(I Would Sport With The Black Haired Girl) * Soraidh Bho Granger (Granger's Farewell) * Do Ghaidheil Shiatail (To The Gaels of Seattle) * Nach Truagh Leat Mi 'S Tu'n Eirinn (Do You Not Pity Me Whilst You Are In Ireland) * So Nam Shineadh Air An T-Sliabh (Here I Am Lying On The Hillside).

One of the finest Gaelic voices around, crystal clear and pure. Christine delivers all the emotions of the songs through two very simple things, the voice and the word. Her voice is clear, pure and dignified. By giving dignity to the words, Christine gives dignity to the language and to the culture out of which these words emerged. By doing that, she does the most precious thing of all, she gives dignity to the people of that language and culture.

Christine is accompanied on some of the songs by Alison Kinnaird (Scottish harp), Duncan MacGillivray (guitar), Alasdair White (whistle, fiddle), Iain MacInnes (Scottish smallpipes).

"With Christine's ability to convey emotion, the language barrier is hardly relevant"

"The Skye-based woman's third album on Temple confirms her as one of our greatest contemporary Gaelic singers" (Scotland on Sunday)

"The album is a quiet delight and an excellent book of notes and translations adds to the pleasure" (Taplas)

"Christine is undoubtedly one of the finest singers in the Gaelic tradition" (Folk Roots)

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