Chris Stout And Catriona McKay With Sally Beamish And The Scottish Ensemble - Seavaigers

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(JULY 2014)

6 Tracks: Storm (SEAVAIGERS) 07.18 * Lament (SEAVAIGERS) 06.21 * Haven (SEAVAIGERS) 06.14 * Moder Dy ‘Mother Wave’ (Moder Dy) 06.56 * Parting of Friends (Moder Dy) 04.46 * Sunstone (Moder Dy) 12.14.

Seavaigers is a collaboration between its composer, Sally Beamish, and folk super duo Chris Stout (fiddle) and Catriona McKay (harp).

The title means 'Seafarers' and refers both to the seafaring people of the North Sea, and to the fine soloists: Chris Stout, from Shetland, and Catriona McKay, from Dundee.

A vivid, atmospheric sea journey from Dundee to Shetland, Seavaigers depicts adventures on a spectacular North Sea voyage.

This is an exciting, collaboration, a creative journey and together they have crafted a wonderful piece of contemporary, yet timeless music.

Seavaigers was commissioned by Celtic Connections and the Edinburgh International Harp Festival, with funding from Creative Scotland.

It was first performed by Chris Stout and Catriona McKay with the Scottish Ensemble, directed by Jonathan Morton, at Celtic Connections in the Fruitmarket. Glasgow, January 2012, and at the Edinburgh International Harp Festival, April 2012.

Moder Dy was written specifically by Chris and Catriona.

In the piece the duo take a step back explore how traditional sea navigation skills could give rise to a new musical direction for the duo.

The Moder Dy appears where two currents around the north and the south of the small island of Foula come together to create an underlying swell.

The art of music making at it's best delivered in style by some of Scotland's finest musicians.

"thrilling...lyricism and fire...delicate restraint and furious that wore its ambition and complexity brilliantly lightly, creating a seamless mesh between folk and contemporary classical stylings." The Scotsman 2012.

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