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(March 2003) I Saw My Love Come Passing By Me * Coilsfield House * A Dog's Life * Owen Hackett's Jig * Miss Crawford * A Fig for a Kiss * All the Night I Lay with a Jockey * The Lark in the Morning * Keening in the Wind * Bigg Market Lasses * Bonny Woodside * Woo'd and Married and 'aa * Dove Craig * O Little Wat Ye Wha's Coming * Memories * Noble Squire Dacre Came Over the Border * Morpeth Lassies * Holy Ha'penny * The Flower of the Quern

A gorgeous collection of the Northumbrian piping - bellows-blown bagpipes with a characteristic percussive ability. Superb playing and a wonderful round sound. Scots, Irish & Northumbrian tunes.

Chris plays some traditional pieces including Scottish and Irish as well as native Northumbrian, plus some more recent compositions and a few of his own.

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