Chris Armstrong - Notes Frae Ma Heid vol 1

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(February 2007) Tunes: 50p Pint * A Bit Brash * Airs * Alan, The Chanter Breaker * Andy Armstrong's Strathspey * Barry's Mega Motor * Bossa Nova * Breaker * Cameron Bennett * Cameron Dodds * Champin' at the Bit * Chrysler's Strathspey * Cone Tango * Cumha a Chuilein * DM Peter MacNamee * Dreams of a Child * Exit, Yankee Style * Gavin Burns * Hen Pecked * Hit it on the Nail * Honk Goose * Hoover Happy Irene * Hornpipes * Inspiration * Jaz's Jukebox * Jigs * Jimmy's Tune * Karen Elise McKenzie * Marches * Marylin's Raffle * Mr F Octave Anno * Mrs Irene Armstrong * New Eden * Number One * Number Three * Number Two * PM Gordon Lawrie of Gartocharn * PM John Matheson BEM * Quantum Leap * Rantaronian Cameron * Rebecca's Strathspey * Reels * Ross Kennedy of Campbeltown * Saney Mackenzie * Strathspeys * Stuart Kenny * Suites * The Barachio's Reel * The Cooking Fat * The Electric Pumpkin * The Ferry to Skye * The Full Circle * The Heli-pad * The Mad Scientist * The Man in the Middle * The Orlando Tango * The Phantom Fairy * The Whisky Boeys * Thirty to Twenty * Train to Glasgow * Two Tenor Pop * Where the Folk in Hell Sat.

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