Chris and Julie and Nick Dewhurst - Crossing Borders

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(January 2009) : Ronnie Cooper's Reels (R8x32) * The Cobbler (J4x48) * Musical Friends (S3x32) * Adam Rennie's Reels (R8x32) * Jenny's Magic Touch (S4x32) * The Quarryman's Jig (J8x32) * Brecon Medley (S64+R64) * Parnell's Dragoons (J8x32) * Morecambe Strathspey (S4x40) * Nautical Hornpipes (R4x32) * Morland Ladies (J4x32) * Glenbuchat Lodge (R4x32) * Appleby Horse Fair (S8x32) * The Barmaid (R8x32).

A selection of tracks for Scottish Country dances where 'any good tune' is required.

Played by the Dewhurst family using Scottish, Irish, American and Canadian tunes, as well as some of their own compositions.

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