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(May 2013) 16 tracks: March, Strathspey And Reel * Farewell Tae The Haven * Arthur Gillies * See The People Run * Here's A Health Tae The Sauters * Lord Galloway's Lamentation * Johnnie Cope * Zito The Bubbleman * The Sleeping Tune * The Gaberlunzie Man * Mother Farquhar * Willie Wastle * Cantabrian Jig * Cairn Water * To Each And Every One Of You * Return Of The Bunny.

A sixteen track collection of superb highlights of the music of Ceolbeg.

The band was founded in Dundee in the late 1970's. The late Peter Boond featured in every one of the band's line-up which spans almost three decades. Their farewell concert took place in the Queen's Hall, Edinburgh 2003.

The band's contribution to the music of Scotland has been hugh. This CD celebrates their contribution to the music of Scotland.

Some of Scotland's finest musicians have been members of Ceolbeg for varying lengths of time, including Katie Harrigan, Wendy Stewart, Davey Carmichael, Kenny Hadden, Mike Katz, Colin Matheson, Stuart Morison, Mike Travis, Andy Thorburn, Gary West, Jim Walker and Dave Whyte. The late Davy Steele joined Ceolbeg on lead vocals after the first album and later Rod Paterson replaced him.

They presented innovative settings of traditional Scottish music, yet preserved the essence of the original tunes and songs.

Ceolbeg featured in many music festivals and toured at home and abroad. Their music, from the album 'An Unfair Dance' (CDTRAX058), was used for the soundtrack of David Bellamy's TV series, 'Crossing The Border'.

Their name 'Ceol Beag' is a Gaelic phrase meaning literally 'Small Music', such as jigs, reels and strathspeys of traditional Scottish pipe music.

"It is with a good deal of pride that we present this collection of some of the highlights of the music of Ceolbeg. We are very proud of what this mainly part-time band achieved over so many years, and the contribution it made to the music of Scotland over almost three decades." Gary West (on behalf of all members of Ceolbeg).

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