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(May 2006) Ysbryd Y Werin * Gosteg Dafydd Athro * Bachgen Bach O Dineer * Deffrown, Deffrown! * Ffarwel I Aberystwyth * Huw's Dance * Ar Lan Y Mor * Seidir Ddoe * Cwrw Melyn * Tramwywn Ar Gyflym Adenydd * Wrth Fynd Efo Deio I Dywyn * Mwynen Merch * Hyd Y Frwynen * Gwn Dafydd Ifan * Cader Idris * Si Hei Lwli * Cefn Du * Ffarwel i Blwy Llangywer

A fascinating album, and an excellent introduction to the music of our celtic cousins. There's solo and group singing, harmony and acapella, a lullaby, nonesense rhymes, dance tunes, clogging music complete with clog beats, harp and flute music.

All from the top musicians of Wales. Plenty of sleeve notes add to the attraction of this CD. Now haven't you always wondered just what a pibgorn was?!

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