Compilation - Castles of Gold (Songs and Stories of Irish Immigration)

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(February 2002)

Disc 1 (The Songs and Stories): The Stories they Brought / Our Ship it is Ready to Sail Away * Preparing to Leave / Thousands are Sailing * The Goodbye / Greenfields of Amerikay * To Be Left Behind / A Sor a Chroi * Becoming an American / Castles of Gold * The Arrival / Stormy Seas / The Highlander * The Immigrant's Return The Hill of Knocknashee / The Busy Bee.

Disc 2 (The Songs): Stormy Seas / The Highlander * Thousands are Sailing * Our Ship it is Ready to Sail Away * An Sean Bheann-Bhocht / The Old Woman's Reel * The Exile * The Hill of Knocknashee / The Busy Bee * A Stor Mo Chroi * Droimeann Donn Dilis * Greenfields of Amerikay * Castles of Gold.

The complete public radio broadcast on two CDs. Stories told by Frank McCourt and Roma Downey with songs by Pan Morigan.

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