Capercaillie - Live in Concert

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(May 2002) 14 tracks (72 mins): Mo Chalin Dileas Donn * Finlay's * Kepplehall * Nil Si I Ngra * The Miracle of Being * Dr MacPhail's * Cape Breton Song * The Weasel Set * Inexile * Iain Ghlinn Cuaich * Bonaparte * The Rob Roy Reels * Coisich a Ruin * Crime of Passion * The Tree.

After a career lasting 18 years and 12 studio albums, the electrifying sound of Capercaillie in full flight, live on stage, is finally captured in this collection - recorded at the Royal Concert Hall in Glasgow on 25th January 2002, in front of a 2,500 sellout audience.

Containing several previously unreleased titles and brand new arrangements of some of their best known songs, with tracks from all of their albums from 1989 onwards. The band continues to innovate and there is a definite new feel, energy and vitality to this recording which reflects a subtle shift in the band's overall sound.

For a band that began life as a traditional music outfit, Capercaillie has never been afraid of venturing into new musical terrain. Through their studio albums and countless performances in over 30 countries, the group has continued to develop and hone their craft, adding distinctive, contemporary innovations to a traditional music-based repertoire.

The all-star line up of the band is underpinned by the brilliant rhythm bedrock of ex-Deacon Blue bass player Ewen Vernal, new recruit Che Beresford on drums and the multi-percussion talents of David 'Chimp' Robertson.

This trio provides the perfect foundation for underscoring the power and delicacy of Manus Lunny's bouzouki * the fire and energy of Charlie McKerron's fiddle * the dazzling skills on pipes, flutes and whistle of BBC Radio 2 Folk Musician Of The Year Michael McGoldrick * with Donald Shaw holding it all together on keyboards and accordion.

The instrumental virtuosity is taken to further heights by the peerless vocals of Karen Matheson, who has been described by Billboard magazine as 'the finest Gaelic singer alive today'.

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