Cantrip - Boneshaker

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(February 2007) Zito * Beg Ar Vann * Sam Jones * 6s + 7s * Witch * Snoogles' * Steppin' On * 37 Bus * McDonald's * Airs.

The second album from this now well-established band. Cantrip have toured extensively and to great acclaim.

The dual fiddle and pipes front line remains, now with vocals and more mandolin and bouzouki, and the result is still lively contemporary traditional folk.

John Bews (4 and 5 string fiddles, vocals), Dan Houghton (Scottish border pipes, whistles, flute, mandolin, guitar, vocal), Gavin Marwick (fiddle, mandolin) and Cammy Robson (guitar, bouzouki, mandolin, Jew's harp) with guest Mark Dunlop (bodhran).

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