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(November 2019)

A collection of Bagpipe tunes from three generations of Bagpipers Roddy, Rory, and Corri Campbell.

The tunes range from traditional to more modern styles.

The book was launched at Piping Live August 2019.

Spiral bound half Canadian binding.


Alexander Campbell Brisbane
And Yet It Moves
Barra Feis Tribute to Michael Caolas
Barrathon Barndance
Ben Heaval
Campsite Tune
Dancing In The Tunnel
Domhnall Ryan And Jenna Vatersay
Gilleonan MacNeil, Ciosmul
MacPherson's Lantern
Martin Martin
Murach Albannach
My Apologies
Nannie Pheter
Our Boat 'Iorram'
Port Beag Do Sheonaidh Beag
Scrappy Patrick
Taigh nan Ros
The Beard Mhor
The Bronze Card
The Clan MacKellaig
The Dunniewassel
The Moss Road
The Oldest Swinger In Castlebay City
The Pale Blue Dot
The Thompson's Beach
Thomas Aitkenhead
Traigh A' Ghoirtein
Trip To Hiort

Angus Grant's Soda Bread
Conchobar Mac An Bhaird
Morag MacNeil, Tangasdale
The Awesome Glenuigs

Break In Borve
Catherine Lillian's New Pipe
Ceridwen And Martin's Nusa Lembongan Wedding
Cotton Eyed Joe
Field Of Bells
Jean's Dancing Shoes
Johnny Campbell, Brisbane
Michael Forbes MacNeil, Eoligarry
Nice To Be Home
Over The Sea To Skype
Pour The Mustard
Ruighleadh An Gille Cam
Tan The Hoose
The Award-Winning Hangover
The Gude Companie
The Hooded Wean
The Interviewee
The Trip Back North
Trugannini Of Tasmania

Bannockburn Road
Chalet Fever
Dougal The Servitor
Farewell To Millennium Village
Ferry To Castlebay
Lions Led By Donkeys
MacFarlane and Henderson- Al Maner of Mynstrlsy
Mingulay To Vatersay
Mo's Mehs
Sir Edward Pine Coffin
The Asturias Jig
The Broadway Walking Stick
The Chanter-Playing Sleepwalker
Tremargat Lake

All That Jazz
Bosun Peter's Whistle
The Worcester Kiltie Hornpipe

Fath Mo Mhulaid
Ian MacLean
The Dreams Of Old Pa Fogerty

Cheese Bread And Ham
Dodd Copeland
One Fine Day
Paper Year
The Wild Rumpus
Wild Berries.

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