Calum MacLean - Music From Mull vol 2

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Scottish music.

27 new tunes by this popular composer.

CONTENTS: Archie McCulloch's Polka * Master Robert Campbell * More Toast For The Boys * Susan C MacLean * Kitten's Capers * Morven Bheag * Ben The Blacksmith * Tyroliene Accordion * Mazurka Graham * Carol Anne MacLean * The Charness Waltz * Jean's Fancy * Ian, The Fish Farmer * Tour Of Mull * Annabel's Jig * The Quiet One * Calum MacLean's Compliments To Iain Peterson * The Jimmy Adam Polka * The Tobermory Reel * Angus MacNeill Two-Step * Shauna Flockhart * Master Fraser Johnstone * Jean's Waltz * Dod's Slow Air * Marion Anderson's Reel * The Grasscutter * The Achnashee Fiddler.

Melody and chords.

A4 Paperback.

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