Calum MacLean - A Mull Medley

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(February 2020)

A Reel For Neil
A Trip To Australia
A Waltz For Margaret
An Irish Flavour
Angie's Hornpipe
Bill Green's Slow Air
Bob Liddle's Welcome To Lonan
Cailean Frazer's March
Calum's Mazurka
Captain Allan MacLean
Chromatic Novelty Waltz
Colin Dewar's Reel
Colin Davren's Reel
Donald John MacArthur's Farewell To Dalbeg
Gordon Grant Of Iona
Gordon Shand's Reel
Hugh MacNeil
Lake Floen
Laurence Mackay Of Tiroran
Miss Vanessa Moore
Nessa's Reel
Rob's A-Z Of The Accordion
Sad Waltz
Sunset From The Isle Of Mull Hotel
The Bees And Honey
The Expander Boys
The Mull Fiddle's 30th Anniversary March
The Lonan Reel 31
Winker's Reel
The Millennium Two-Step
The Lass With The Gammy Leg
The Ten-Minute Reel
The Lonan Jig
Tobermory, My Home
Vanessa And Calum's Wedding Waltz
Welcome To Duart.

A carefully selected collection of compositions by the late master accordionist and composer Calum MacLean.

This book of tunes, compiled by his son Calum spans his father's playing years and includes tunes suitable for players from beginners to more experienced players.

"Calum MacLean and his music are well known to most accordion players and traditional musicians; with several of his tunes being played and recorded over the years. It is only with a closer look at his work that you realise the number of tunes he composed, and that a lot are not in print. It is with that in mind I put forward these works in the hope that they are as popular, and played as much, as the ones that have gone before. Selecting the tunes to make up this book was not easy; I have tried to include something for everyone from beginners to more experienced player. These works span all of Callum's playing days from his first composition at 16 years old to the last days of his life, I hope you enjoy the music." Calum Maclean Jnr.

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