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(August 2002) 14 tracks: St. Bride's Song / Story * Boat Blessing * Creator Of The Tides * The Sunlight's Dance * Peace Of The Gleaming Sea * Until The Tide Turns * Laoidh Mara * Peace Of The Quiet Hours * The Captain * Incoming Tide * When Waves Roar * Ag Criost An Siol / Seal Story * Song Of The Sea * Brendan's Song.

Heather Innes and Jacynth Hamill have produced a lovely CD of song, Celtic prayers and stories. Irish, Welsh and Scottish tunes, new words, traditional words, all blended in gentle praise.

Also featuring David Adam, Stephen Rees, Saskia Tomkins, Miranda Sykes, Stuart Duncan, Yvonne McLeod, Claire Hewitt, Steafan Hannigan.

'Although fairly specialist stuff, 'Creator of the Tides' is accessible and very listenable, chill-out music that could easily knock the cliched new age/relaxation titles found in tourist shops for six as a much more interesting alternative. From the captivating and beautifully executed opener 'St. Bride's Coracle', it's obvious why Heather and Jacynth's voices and harmonies make them performers of choice for organisers of events ranging from specialist and folk festivals to mainstream concerts' (Perthshire Advertiser)

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