Bruce Campbell - Sgoil Nam Piobaire Book 1 (CDROM e-book)

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(September 2009)

50 tunes for the Highland Bagpipe in simplified style. The tunes on this CDROM e-book have all been specially adapted for students whose knowledge of playing technique is limited to basic levels only.

An aid to learning, which will allow the student piper to develop his or her skills, while at the same time being able to perform to a simple standard. Its prime use is as an aid to teaching pipers in a structured method in conjunction with Sgoil Nam Piobaire's Easy Method.

CDROM with sound files, and BMW files. Edited, written and produced by P/M Bruce Campbell.

Over the years it has also been obvious that many bands and teachers have simplified tunes to make it possible for beginner pipers to play settings on the pipes. However, in many cases these tunes have been so butchered that they are devoid of musical quality. It is hoped that the tunes in this book still retain the essence of good pipe music - but without the difficulties of advanced technique which would make them beyond the ability of basic-level learner pipers.

This book is presented in an e-book format on CDROM, which is designed to make it a cheap alternative, as well as to give a back-up of music on sound files in both wave and BMW formats. This added feature allows the student to both hear and play along with the tune - another invaluable aid to practice.

This book, therefore, is not seen as the easy way out of playing good finger technique and instead is designed to be part of the road to good piping, the first step. Play the tunes with the grace notes exactly as they appear - do not be tempted to change the order or miss any out.

Every gracenote has been selected for the specific reason of enhancing a tune and great consideration has been given to what should be played and where it should be played. Most often grace notes are situated on a beat note and will therefore help to provide an emphasis to that note - take it away and it loses its 'musical flavour'.

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