Bruce And Walker - Born To Rottenrow

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(February 2014)

DVD: 15 tracks: Hawks and Eagles * Grey Funnel Line * Blodwen's Dream * The Lea-Rig * Mr Bloom * Some Hae Meat * Mellow * Child On The Green * Singing The River * The Hills of Isle Au Haut * Blue Denim Days * Thank Yous * The Beans Joke * A Call From The Agent.

CD: 12 tracks: I Stand Tall * Miss Salfka Sings * November Grey * The Shawl * When I Spoke To Felix * Ode To An Old Friend * Mary Button * Lucie's Song * This Road * Honest Man * Old Love * If I Live To The Same Old Age As Mama.

Well-kent duo Ian Bruce and Ian Walker singer/songwriters are reunited and causing a stir... after some years apart.

They worked together in the late 80s and early 90s but had parted to pursue solo careers, until recently when they re-formed under the name Bruce and Walker.

This release consists of a DVD (PAL system only) and CD combination set. The DVD was filmed informally at Ian McCalman's Studio before an audience of invited guests.

The CD features a mix of old songs and new compositions by both Bruce and Walker and several collaborations.

There is also a guest appearance by Fraser Bruce who sings The Grey Funnel Line.

Includes sleeve notes with song lyrics.

Ian Bruce (vocals, acoustic guitars, mandolin, bass, percussion), Ian Walker (vocals, banjo, acoustic guitar, banjo, autoharp), Victor Besch (button accordion, highland bagpipes, recorders, spoons), Shaun Blandford (electric guitars, bass, backing vocals), Stewart Hardy (violins, backing vocals), Carol Jamieson (piano, keyboards, backing vocals), Richard Werner (drums, percussion, sound engineering).

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