Brown and Nicol - Masters of Piobaireachd vol 1

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11 tracks: Extract of interview with R.B.Nicol * Patrick Og MacCrimmon's Lament (Oral instruction by R.B.Nicol) * Patrick Og MacCrimmon's Lament (Played by R.U.Brown) * The Battle of the Pass of Crieff (Oral instruction by R.U.Brown) * The Battle of the Pass of Crieff (Comment by R.B.Nicol) * I Got a Kiss of the King's Hand (Oral instruction by R.B.Nicol) * I Got a Kiss of the King's Hand (Ground and 1st line of Variation 1 played by R.B.Nicol) * Earl of Seaforth's Salute (Oral instruction by R.U.Brown) * Earl of Seaforth's Salute (Ground to taorluath played by R.U.Brown) * In Praise of Morag (Oral Instruction by R. B .Nicol) * Unjust Incarceration (Oral Instruction by R.B.Nicol).

Volume 1 of this highly acclaimed series of original recordings of the 'Bobs of Balmoral' - Robert U Brown and Robert Nicol - giving instruction on the art of piobaireachd, mainly through vocalisations of the tunes with some playing.

This series of recordings is mainly intended for instructional purposes but is also of great historic interest and value. Edited by Norman Matheson and Robert Wallace.

"An authentic record of the teachings of two men who dedicated their lives to ceol mor and and to promulgating the instructions they received from John MacDonald of Inverness. They are nothing less than an inalienable link with the past and genuine oral tradition." (Robert Wallace)

"A really fascinating recording." (The Tartan and the Green)

"This CD is a must for everyone interested in piobaireachd." (Malcolm MacRae, past president of The Piobaireachd Society)

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