Brian O hEadhra And Fiona MacKenzie - TIR - Highland Life And Lore

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(September 2018)

12 Tracks: An long Eireannach * Deus Auribus / Gleidh M'Anama * Beannaich A Thriath Nan Flath Fial * Cha Bhi Mi Buan * In O * Cauldron * Togamaid Bothan * Iomaraibh Eutrom * Chan Ann Ach Thu Mo Chraobh Ubhla Dhubh * Maria * Tha Mi Dol Dhachaigh Leat * Mar An Fhiadh.

A stunning debut album from acclaimed singer/ songwriters Brian O hEadhra and Fiona Mackenzie.

This duo draw upon their traditional Gaelic roots as well as from other musical genres including Nordic, Eastern European, Americana, indie and electronica.

TIR is a recording of songs from the Highlands dealing with both traditional and contemporary subject matter which is still relevant to life in the Highlands today.

With layered harmonies, innovative interpretation of ancient Gaelic texts and songs as well newly written material, together this dynamic duo make music which appeals to audiences seeking quality and authenticity.

Over the past 25 years the Scottish Highland based duo have played around the world as solo performers and with various bands including Anam, Seelyhoo, Mackenzie, Cruinn, McKerron / Brechin / O hEadhra. They have recorded on over 30 albums between them on labels such as Linn Records, JVC Victor, Greentrax, Brechin All Records, Macmeanmna, and their own label, Anam Communications.

There are twelve songs on the album and it is co-produced by acclaimed producer/musician/composer, Mike Vass.

The illustration elements of the project were drawn by the talented Highland artist - Rachel Cush of Crafty Marten Art and the inlay was designed by Anna Rothach of Graficanna. They have used the music to inspire their work and have created a contemporary vision for each song and the project as a whole.

Brian O hEadhra (vocals, 12 string guitar, accoustic guitar), Fiona MacKenzie (vocals), Mike Vass (sound design, tenor guitar, fiddle, percussion), Keith Morrison (keyboard, double bass, percussion), Innes White (acoustic guitar, mandolin), Anna Murray (backing vocals), Orla And Roise Ni Eadhra (backing vocals).

"We have been researching and thinking about this project for a number of years and are very excited to be able to finally bring it to fruition. The Highlands and islands are a huge inspiration to us and we are delighted to be working with other artists from this beautiful and culturally rich area of Scotland." Fiona Mackenzie.

"The work will has rich layered vocals and interesting sounds and arrangements which reflects the subject matter and sense of living in the Highlands today. Most of the work is in Gaelic but we also sing in English and even Latin. We want to present the region as an amazing place to live but not shy away from difficult social, environmental and political issues." Brian O hEadhra.

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