Brian Nicholson - Fae Da Crossroads

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(January 2013) 16 tracks: Farewell Tae Yell * Back My Way Again * Waxwing Swing * King Magnus Barelegs * Blue Whiting * Du Picked A Fine Time Ta Faa-By Dastreen * Isles O' Gletness * Jeemy Wis A Batchelor * Tear Stained Letter * Baand In Wir Haand * Fountainbridge * Too Scared To Care * Pressgang Sang * Skerries Sang * Single Track Rods * Merry Boys O' Greenland.

A long awaited first solo album from Shetland's top class guitarist Brian Nicholson.

Fae Da Crossroads is very much a Shetland album with almost all the songs and tunes having local content.

15 of the 16 tracks have either been self-penned by Brian, or composed locally over the years. Eight of the songs are sung in Shetland dialect.

A great selection of Shetland tunes beautifully played by Brian along with amongst others fiddler Maggie Adamson.

Brian is internationally recognised as one of Shetland's finest guitarists. He is known for his work in bands such as Hom Bru, No Sweat, the Sheila Henderson Band, and one part of the nationally acclaimed duo with award-winning fiddler Maggie Adamson.

Brian Nicholson (guitar, vocals), Arthur Nicholson (guitar, mandolin, harmony vocals), Maggie Adamson (fiddle), Hannah Nicholson, Megan Nicholson, Holly Johnson (harmony vocals).

"All in all a genuinely engaging and at times fun album and a very personal statement from one of Shetland's most accomplished and acclaimed musicians." Davie Gardner, Shetland News.

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