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(August 2013) 13 tracks: I Wonder What Is Keeping My True Love Tonight * Best Days * Broken Crown * The Ballad Of You And Me * Absent Friend * You're The Only One I Want * On A Clear Day * Try To Harmonize * Best Friend * Imaginary Conversations * Only All The Time * Sunday Morning * Bonus Track: Crying.

A great collection of songs, over half self-penned, from Belfast born singer/songwriter Brian Kennedy.

This album showcases Brian's excellent vocals and song writing prowess.

He named his album Voice, in recognition of his time spend on the panel of The Voice of Ireland.

Brian has toured extensively with Van Morrison and has featured as a guest lead singer. His unique Irish voice providing vocal back-up to Morrison and a stellar cast of greats like...Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan, Ray Charles and John Lee Hooker.

'Voice' entered the album chart at No.3 and the single 'Best Days' is his lyrical reaction to the recession.

"I wanted to write something from a positive perspective, that gives us all a flicker of hope amongst the negativity we have to deal with on a daily basis."

Brian Kennedy (vocals, guitar, whistle), Billy Farrell (keyboard).

Guest Musicians: Sharon Corr (violin), Calum MacColl (guitar), Brendan Murphy (guitar, harmonies), Don Mescal ( guitar, harmonies), Ken Rice (violin, viola), Stuart Gray (electric guitar), Robbie Harris (percussion), Justin Carroll (hammond organ, Dublin Gospel Choir (vocals), Don Baker (harmonica).

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