Brian Hughes - The Beat Of The Breath

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(August 2013) 14 tracks: Reels: The Maple Leaf / Bag Of Spuds / The Primose Lass * Slip Jigs: The Boys Of Ballysadare / Top It Off * Jigs: Paidin O Raifearta / Sliabh Russell * Hornpipes: The Plane Of The Plank / The Pleasures Of Hope * Reels: The Roscommon Reel / Ah Surely * Slow Air: Taimse Im' Chodladh * Polkas: The Maids Of Ardagh / Tuarmore / Many's A Wild Night * March And Jigs: O'Sullivan's March / Coolinarne / Jackson's Morning Breeze * Reels: Caher Rua / Dan Breen's / Now She's Purring * Jigs: Happy To Meet And Sorry To Part / Bill McCormack's / Troy's Wedding * Slow Air: Slan Le Maigh * Reels: The Maid Of Mount Cisco / The Lady On The Island * Slides: The Bicycle / Johnny O'Leary's / The Dirty Trettles * Jigs: The Tar Road To Sligo / Grania's Welcome Home / The Drakes of Kildare.

A second album from Brian, a superb musician, effortless whistle playing.

A collection of reels, jigs, beautiful slow airs, slides, hornpipes and polkas all delivered with meticulous care and style.

Brian Hughes (whistle), Garry O'Briain (piano, guitar, mando, cello, keyboard, bass), Sean McElwain (guitar, bouzouki), Donnchadh Gough (bodhran), David Day (african drums, bougarabou, dunun).

Informative sleeve notes in English and Irish Gaelic.

"The Beat Of The Breath is that shiver in the heart of all of us - the overflowing of laughter, love and remembering." (John MacKenna).

"The music of his grandfather Christy Bracken runs in his veins and it flows out of him." John McKenna

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