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(May 2020)

14 Tracks: Caledonia * Skye Boat Song / Skyline Of Skye * My Love Is Like A Red Red Rose / Ae Fond Kiss / Ye Banks And Braes * Loch Lomond / Flower Of Scotland * Grannies Heilan' Hame / The Auld Meal Mill / Come Over The Ord * The Dark Island * Highland Cathedral / Dunbarton's Drums * Back To Bonnie Scotland / My Home / Leaving Lismore / Westering Home * Hector The Hero * The Massacre Of Glencoe / My Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean / Cailin Mo Ruinsa / Lovely Stornoway * Wild Mountain Thyme * Northern Lights Of Old Aberdeen / The Road And The Miles To Dundee / I Belong To Glasgow * Dark Lochnagar * Auld Lang Syne.

Some of Scotland's greatest and best known melodies known worldwide in a truly tranquil mood.

This superb album of accordion, piano and orchestral Scottish Classics is a different project for maestro accordionist Brandon MacPhee.

"Thank you for the support in purchasing my CD and I hope you enjoy it. This recording is a new venture for me, I've always admired these beautiful melodies and to now record them has been so enjoyable. During recent times with the global pandemic all work has been cancelled for the foreseeable future. My world, as many others has coming crashing down, I can't do what I love which is perform live music on stage, I am very fortunate to have the recording studio "in house" so to speak and have spent most of our time there, recording well over 50 tracks... so far. Manson Grant is on piano and string arrangements and we have planned the album out thoroughly to create a different sound to what people who follow my music would expect.

With times like this, it gave me time to think and reflect, I was now very aware that everything was silent, calm and peaceful. I got to thinking of how we are all connected before, during and after all this is over, with music, song and laughter. I thought of how many beautiful Scottish melodies have been taken overseas all around the world. The idea of Scottish Serenity is to bring people together again with their Scottish Heritage in a tranquil mood. I hope this helps you to relax, recharge and I did. Best wishes." Brandon MacPhee

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