Brandon McPhee - Scottish Champion

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(November 2015)

19 Tracks: Edwin Flaws Of Wyre * Miss Elspeth Campbell / Brandon McPhee Of Castletown * The Stone Outside Dan Murphy's Door / If You Ever Go To Ireland / Shoe The Donkey / Doonaree * Tekeli / The Devil In Dublin / The Reel Of Mey / Nora Crionna * Anne's Reel / The Apple Tree / Peerie Hoose A'hint The Burn / The Plough And The Stars * Shannon's Smile * Bill Black Of Stanley / Arlene Bowie / Jim Money * Peter Pratt's Polka / Jimmy O' The Bu's Polka * The Cuckoo Waltz * The Thief Of Lochaber / Alan MacPherson Of Mosspark / Paddy's Leather Breeches / The Curlew * Miss Rowan Davies * The 79th Farewell To Gibraltar / Captain Norman Orr Ewing * The Osstkaa Waltz * Happy Hours * Bengullion / Macleod Of Mull * John Crawford's Waltz * John Carmichael's Farewell To Scotland / Ian Powrie's Farewell To Scotland * The Dark Island * McGuire's Welcome To Fermanagh / Billy McGuire's Reel / Wing Commander Donald MacKenzie's Reel / Roberta's Reel.

A fine selection of tunes from accordion maestro Brandon McPhee, Scottish Champion 2014.

Includes two tunes composed by Brandon John Crawford's Waltz and Shannon's Smile.

Brandon McPhee (Shand Morino accordion), Alistair MacDonald (2nd accordion, harmonies), Manson Grant (piano, bass), Robert Cameron (drums).

"His playing style is appealing and from the heart, inborn and natural. It encourages you to listen to this Master of the Shand Morino showing his expertise on all he various tracks... I believe Brandon's ambition was to win the Jimmy Shand Shield. Ambition realised, Brandon won the Shield in 2014 at Perth....What a Talent!" Jimmy Shand Jnr.

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