Brandon McPhee - 'Brandon's Brand' My Scottish Compositions

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13 Tracks: Achnaclyth House * Birkhall Ball / Castletown To Buckingham Palace * Dawn's Waltz / Frank And Moira Stephen's Ruby Wedding * Scotland's Son Of Fun / Eddie And Margaret Rose's Golden Wedding * Forrest Villa / Bert Duff / Karen Scott * Castletown Memories * Robert Lovie / The Buckie Picker * Loch Shin * Canadian Jock / The Haster Smithy * John Crawford’s Waltz * Dr Fiona Grant / The Caithness Undertaker * The Carrbridge Hogmanay Waltz * The MacDonald’s March.

This latest album from accordion whizz Brandon McPhee realises his ambition to record an album of his original compositions.

Includes Brandon's first compositions Achnaclyth House, Castletown Memories, Scotland's Son of Fun, Dawn's Waltz and many more.

Brandon was introduced to the button key accordion by his grandfather. He recalls being ten years of age and picking up the instrument and never looking back.

"I composed my first tune when I was 16 and have continued to write tunes to celebrate various events, people that have supported or inspired me on my journey. It’s always been an ambition of mine to record an album of all my original compositions. I hope you enjoy these new tunes on this CD. Happy Listening." Brandon.

"The beat of contemporary music never appealed to me, Traditional music felt so right and there was never a plan B." Brandon McPhee.

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