Border Country Dance Band - The Border Fiddler

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(November 2000 re-release of 1977 recording) 21 tracks: Ian's Fancy, Richard Brannan's Favourite, Cooley's, Doonside Up, Professor Blackie, The Rambling Pitchford, Captain Cameron's, The Beeswing, The Cuckoo Waltz, Sally Gardens, Yellow Haired Lassie, Master McDermot's, Joan C. McKenzie, Trip To Bavaria, Davy's Brae, Dancing Fingers, Braes Of Breadalbane, Mr and Mrs MacRogerson, Morpeth Rant, Lassie Come And Dance With Me, Bratach Bana.

The band are Geoff Purvis (fiddle), Alan Coulson (accordion) and Robin Wilson (drums). Originally recorded on LP in 1977, this album of dance music from the England-Scotland border was intended as a showcase for the band's then young fiddler, Geoff Purvis, who was one of the new generation of Border fiddlers.

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