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(July 2006) Reel 4x48 * Jig 3x32 * Medley 48S/48R * Reel 2x48 * Jig 1x88 * Waltz Country Dance * Reel 5x32 * Strathspey 1x80 * Jig 6x32 * Reel 1x80 * Medley 4x16S/16R * Reel 1x120 * Strathspey 6x16 * Jig 8x40 * Medley 32S/32R

His "one man band" accordion sound has made him a great favourite at the dances around the States, as the electronic wizardry of his box can provide a full band sound from just the one instrument. Here he plays for fifteen dances.

Bobby is originally from Lanarkshire, but is now resident in North America.

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