Bob Lillie and The Kelvin Band - Sounds Of The Kelvin

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(April 2011) 21 tracks: Ericht Reel * Frank Jamieson Two Step * Bonnie Anne * Helen Black Of Inveran * Brig O Blair * Flowers Of Edinburgh * Doreen * The Bonnie Lass * Fear A Bhata * MacLean Of Pennycross * Glasgow Week In Hamburg * Victoria Hornpipe * Lord Lovat's Lament * Boys Of Bluehill * Lament For The Death Of Rev Archie Beaton * O'er The Drills * Sine Bhan * Farewell To The Tay * Dan Tekse * Green Hills Of Antrim * Jim Anderson's Delight.

An excellent selection of traditional Scottish dance music taken from two LPs recorded in the 1970s.

The 6-piece band consisted of 2 accordions, fiddle, piano, bass & drums.

The tracks include jigs, reels, waltzes, two steps and a polka.

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