Blazin' Fiddles - The Key

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(October 2017)

11 Tracks: Break The Light * Double Rise * The Black Pig * Annie's Waltz * Picnic In The Sky * The Rose Of St Magnus * The Ox * The Beeswing * The Highlanders Revenge * Wind Song * Harris Dance.

The Key is the ninth studio album from the hottest supergroup Blazin' Fiddles.

A fiery intoxicating mix of contemporary fiddle, piano and guitar.

Blazin' Fiddles are without doubt one of the world's most prolific fiddle groups, collectively a force to be reckoned with.

They capture the passion, excitement and sensitivity of Scottish music, with each member contributing their own individual style.

Blazin' Fiddles are: Jenna Reid (fiddle), Bruce MacGregor (fiddle), Rua Macmillan (fiddle) and Kristan Harvey, Anna Massie (guitar/fiddle, Angus Lyon (piano).

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