Blair Douglas - Italian Chapel Suite

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(March 2018)

12 Tracks: Orcadian Welcome * Regina Pacis (Queen Of Peace) * On This Rock * La Stella Della Speranza (The Star of Hope) * Chiocchetti's Waltz * St Catherine's Tears * Sunset On The Flow * Orcadian Salute To Camp 60 * Little Iron Heart (Palumbi’s Love) * Jesu, Jesu, Prega Per Noi (Jesus, Pray For Us) * Lambholm Addio (Lambholm Farewell) * St Mary's.

A fabulous suite of music from one of Scotland's most celebrated musician and composer Blair Douglas.

"In early 1942, 500 Italian prisoners of war arrived on the island of Lamb Holm, Orkney, to work on the construction of the Churchill Barriers. They requested a proper place of worship and were given two Nissen huts to convert. A labour of love, artistic skill, and craftsmanship transformed the two huts into a moving monument to faith and peace." The Italian Chapel (La Chiesetta Italiano di Orkney).

Fascinated by the story of the origins of the Chapel, Blair has composed this fitting tribute to the dedication of the prisoners.

The music was performed and recorded in St Magnus Centre in Kirkwall.

The album includes fiddle, viola, harp, cello and flute arrangements, two pieces by the City of Kirkwall Pipe Band and a beautiful 'a Capella' song by The Mayfield Singers.

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