Blair Douglas - Behind The Name (CD)

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(November 2016)

13 Tracks: Glasgow The Caring City * Moscardini's Salute (Saluto di Giovanni) * Maighstir Seumas MacNeil/Niall MacNeil of Leanish/The Maestro's March * The Vital Spark * The Poet's Lament * John Nicolson's March to Freedom/The Leper's Bell/Kenny MacDonald Of Cromwell Street * Lorna Kay * The Doctor's Dream/Clarence the Conqueror/Pierre's Salute To The South Uist Guards * Michael Marra * Bon Ton Cèilidh * Marion Douglas's Waltz * Beneath The Wings Of Grace * Laoich Festubert (The Heroes Of Festubert).

Latest release from the huge talent of Skye's Blair Douglas, back with a great selection of tunes all with stories behind the names.

The album features instrumentals, all of which self-penned by Blair.

Many of the tunes are dedicated to local Skye people including Chris Harley, Blair's wife Marion and the Heroes of Festubert
Loch Festubert marking the loss of a large number of Portree soldiers in the battle during the Great War.

Blair Douglas (accordion, piano), Ian Smith (guitar, mandolin), Eric Cloughley (guitar, bass), Alastair Savage (violin), Rick Evans (viola), Tom Rathbone (cello), Gordon Gunn (fiddle), Maggie Adamson (fiddle), Angus MacKenzie (pipes, whistle), Eilidh MacKenzie (clarsach), Hector Henderson (whistle), Kevin Dobbie (electric guitar), Peter McGlone (tenor sax), Mick McLuskey (baritone sax), Rick Taylor (tenor saxes).

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