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(December 2009) 12 tracks: Ruith Leis A Ghaoith * Alba Gu Brath * Barra Rant * An Tug Of War * Suilean Dubh Nan Eilean * Morag * Dannsa A' Phortain * Math A Bhith Og * Is Tu Mo Ghaol * Beatha A Chroiteir * Sgath Sgitheanach * Ceol An Druma * An Dub.

Original Gaelic music created and crafted in North Uist in the Outer Hebrides - James MacLetchie, Kevin De Las Casas, Gordon Wells, Will Lamb, Chuck MacQuillen and Nick Ingledew.

Bi Beò means 'to live life' and the music of the band certainly reflects that sentiment. There is a simple philosophy within the band to make people dance, and with many songs in their performances in a high tempo they certainly achieve that. The real sound of Bi Beò is heard on stage as they launch themselves into their music without inhibitions and encouraging all who watch to participate in the fun and music.

As a band they are proud of their culture and heritage, and through their music are striving to take the Gaelic language into a more modern context, while of course having fun along the way. The band have gone from strength to strength and played at The Pan Celtic Festival in Donegal, The Irish Festival in Akraness (Iceland), Live at the Edge in Barra, in Inverness, Skye and the Isles of Harris and the Uists. These performances have allowed the band to develop and test their style and sound to new audiences, and as a result define their own unique brand of Gaelic music.

The songs are a reflection of island and Highland life, from dancing to the beauty of love, nature, the elements and the harshness of isolation and abandonment. Many songs carry a messages of love and youthful exuberence and reflections of childhood memories of growing up in the Hebrides.

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