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(April 2017)

14 Tracks: The Joy Of It / Pretty Peggy * Maureen's Jig / Fair Jenny's / Simon Thoumire's * Rose Of St Magnus * Glencoe March / The Brig O' Ayre / The Blacksmith's Lilt * Islay Rant / Far Frae Hame * Edwin Flaws O' Wyre * Ann And Freddy's Golden Waltz / Inisheer * Mrs Margaret Ferguson Of Wraith / The Banshee * My Lighthouse / Pat The Budgie * Flowers Of Edinburgh / Kiwi Conundrum / Lismhor * Iona's Waltz / Alice's Waltz * Haaki's Polka / Smedens Anden Fynbo * Capsized In Kirkwall / Waiting For Tattie Bogle * Back O' Mousa / The Kesh / Wee Murdie.

A debut album from a young band Belt Hid Oot who hail from the West Mainland of Orkney.

Belt Hid Oot were formed and tutored by music teacher and fiddle player, Laura Eunson.

Brought together by their shared love of traditional music the band, has over the last four years naturally developed into a fine young band.

They demonstrate their ability with a variety of instrumentation and styles, from traditional Orcadian, Scottish, Irish, Scandinavian and even some tunes written by the musicians themselves.

This CD is the result of the talent, enthusiasm and dedication shown by the youngsters.

The group will feature at the up and coming Orkney Folk Festival May 2017.

Belt Hid Oot are:

Fiddle: Kirstie Buchan, Fiona Casely, Alice Denniston, Emily Denniston, Laura Eunson, Emma Flett, Frankie Gauld, Freya Hibbert, Kiera Johston, Ewen Rorie, Iona Seator, Tanya Seator, Amber Stirling, Emma Tulloch.
Andrew Dennison (accordion, piano), Laura Eunson (piano), Kiera Johston (whistle), Jenny McElroy (tambourine, double bass), Molly Nicolson (mandolin, vocals), Alusha Romaniszyn (flute).

Special guests: Elliot Brookfield (cajon), Hamish Burgon (lead vocals, guitar), Jess Torbet (backing vocals).

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