Bellevue Rendezvous - Salamander

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(February 2010) 10 tracks (55 mins): Gabriel's Step / Byss-Calle No 32 / Hasse A's * Hanter Dro / Tuolpagorni * Salbohedsvalsen / Monster Of Polska * Firedance Parts I & II / Trip To Uppsala * Makedonsko Devojche * Hargalaten / The Nyckelharpa / The Fourth Health * Der Triske Rebn's Chosidi / Freilach From Warsaw * The Man In The Brown Hat / La Sensonette * Trip To St Kilda / Joel Turk's / Salamander * Herding Song.

The Scottish-based acoustic trio of well-travelled musicians, who combine to produce fresh and exciting music with a broad European repertoire.

Bellevue Rendezvous are Gavin Marwick (fiddle), Ruth Morris (nyckelharpa) and Cameron Robson (cittern, guitar, jaw harp).

Sensitive and dynamic arrangements performed with lyricism and fire. An dros, freilachs, reels and other dance tunes interweave effortlessly with airs and performance pieces, an honest and intimate album recorded almost entirely live with a minimum of overdubs.

The nyckelharpa, rarely seen in the UK, is a beautifully toned instrument in the viola register with many resonant strings which give it a rich full sound. It has a darker, grainier tone than the fiddle which allows for greater depth in the interplay between the instruments.

"Sheer musicality... The three instrumentalists combine to create a detailed, vibrant and expansive sound and there's an ocean of lyricism here." (Songlines)

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