Battlefield Band - Zama Zama (Try Your Luck)

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(September 2009) 14 tracks: The Mines Of Golkonda * The Auchengeich Disaster * Ku'ula-kai * Robber Barons * Bernie's Welcome To Butner * Uamh An Oir (Cave Of Gold) / Zama Zama Boys * Ballarat Jig * Three Brothers * Caroline Winn's * Greenland's Icy Waters * Ruairidh Dubh (Black Rory) * Baile An Or * Plain Gold Ring * The Pretty Apron.

Alan Reid (keyboards), Mike Katz (bagpipes, whistles), Alasdair White (fiddles) and Sean O'Donnell (guitar).

The long-running Scottish folk music quartet, with songs and tunes by Norman Buchan, Alan Reid, Allan MacDonald, Mike Katz, Brian McNeill and Nina Simone.

"This album started as a collection of songs and tunes about gold. But as we searched, like the alchemists of old, it turned into a wider idea. In the process we saw the greed, disasters and human resilence and victories inherent in the search and exploitation of various sources of wealth in this world. Then, as if by demonic serendipity, along comes the worldwide economic crisis... We have in turn, been amazed, amused, heartened, angered, depressed and hilariously horrified... Who knew about the Zama Zama Boys? Seek out Ku'ula-kai, the Hawaiian god of fish, or the extraordinary folklore and history of chocolate. We will leave you to mine these extraordinary stories for yourselves..."

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