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(1995) 12 tracks: In And Out The Harbour * The Arran Convict * Snow On The Hills * Tramps and Hawkers * My Home Town * The Weary Whaling Ground * Miss Kate Rusby * The Same Old Story * Simon Thoumire's Jig * MacPherson's Lament * Tam Bain's Lum * The Indian Lass.

This first album from Battlefield Band in 2½ years is long awaited and has been much requested. The band were working very hard over the previous years with trips you just don't say no to, such as India, Sri Lanka and Egypt.

"A case of familiarity breeding respect." (The Daily Telegraph)

"If you are feeling down, throw away the Prozac and listen to this." (Express and Star, Wolverhampton)

"... will ultimately be regarded as one of the best albums of contemporary folk ever to be released, and would therefore unhesitatingly recommend its purchase." (Rock 'n' Reel)

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