Battlefield Band - There's a Buzz

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(1982) 11 tracks: Bessie MacIntyre * Shining Clear * Sir Sidney Smith's March * A Chance As Good As Any * Lord Haddo's Favourite * Tending The Steer * The Presbyterian Hornpipe * The Battle of Waterloo * One Miner's Life * Kantara To El 'Arish * The Green Plaid.

This is the seventh album by this popular band, their third on Temple Records.

"They have produced a steady crop of fine albums that have put them in the vanguard of the Scots music revival. Remarkably their latest effort is more exciting, more adventurous and more interesting than anything yet." (The Scotsman)

"This selection of grand tunes is as strong as their previous output and should be stocked and played." (Music Week)

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