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(1994 re-release from 1979/80) Miss Drummond of Perth / Fiddler's Joy / The Shetland Fiddler * Seven Braw Gowns * Miss Drummond of Perth's Favourite Scotch Measure / Miss MacLeod's Minuet * My Last Farewell to Stirling * I Hae Laid A Herrin' In Salt / My Wife's a Wanton Wee Thing / The Banks of the Allan * The Battle of Falkirk Muir * John D Burgess / The Braemar Gathering * I Hae Nae Kith, I Hae Nae Kin * Miss Lyall / Small Coals for Nailers / Bleaton Gardens * Christ Has My Hart Ay * Joe McGann's Fiddle / Center's Bonnet * Rantin' Rovin' Robin * 74th Highlanders' Farewell To Edinburgh / The Cup of Tea * Bonny Lass Come Ower The Burn * Lord Huntly's Cave / The Lady in the Bottle / Stewart Chisholm's Walkabout.

This is a re-release of the band's classic Topic album first released in 1979 to which we have added four tracks from an EP produced on a limited basis by Temple in 1980. Great value from the great Scottish band who still lead the way.

"These recordings catch Battlefield Band showing the questing, inquisitive musical spirit that was to produce arguably their finest studio work in the Eighties." (THE SCOTSMAN)

"A truly traditional album from masters of the genre." (FOLK ROUNDABOUT)

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